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The Ways We Pay, Day-to-Day

We worked with an independent researcher to conduct an online survey* of over 2000 credit and debit card
users to find out how people pay everyday.
Respondents said they are much more likely to choose a physical
card to pay, even though they have their phones with them. For
debit or credit card users, 9 of 10 agreed that “they were more likely
to use a physical card than a smartphone/smartwatch to make
purchases”. Nearly 85% agreed that “Using a credit or debit card is
faster/easier than using a smartphone to make purchases”.

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The Way Consumers Pay

Smartphones are ever-present as we move through our day, and are rarely out-of-reach, so brands and advertisements persistently push phone-based interactions to deepen that customer connection: “text this number, scan this QR code, download our app,” etc. This poses a burning question: ​

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