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Promoting a healthier planet

We embrace practices and solutions that limit our impact on the environment, preserving natural resources, and creating innovative and responsible products.

CPI Card Group® is a payment technology company that provides end-to-end debit, credit and prepaid payment solutions delivered physically, digitally and on-demand.

Our goal is to help our customers foster compelling connections and build their brands with solutions that enhance people’s everyday lives while being more environmentally-conscious in the products we offer and the way we operate.

Our sustainability initiatives include:

reducing natural resource and energy consumption, creating innovative

value-add products and solutions that reuse and leverage recycled materials

recycling activities to divert waste from entering landfills

Our ESG Statements

We are pleased to share our Environmental, Social and Governance Statements to provide visibility into CPI’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations, provide a safe and rewarding environment for our employees, uphold our values and commitment to integrity in our business and supply chain, and support and contribute to our communities.

Our key areas of focus

Incorporating environmental sustainability practices across the business

Continuous focus on sustainability efforts aligned with our business model, values and customer needs

Engaging employees as part of the program

Communicating and promoting our commitment and contribution to sustainability


Reduce the use of natural resources in overall operations, including energy, water, and emissions.

Our goal is to reduce our natural resource consumption in our facilities. This includes decreasing the use of energy, water, paper and single use plastic to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

  • The majority of our facilities have converted to utilize LED lighting which reduces our electricity usage and overall carbon footprint.
  • We use paperless signatures on our documents, thereby reducing the overall paper usage in our corporate activities.
  • We are phasing out single use plastic and prioritize the use of recycled and compostable supplies, across our facilities.


Create innovative products and solutions that address customer needs and reuse / upcycle material.

Our goal is to create new and innovative products and solutions that leverage recycled / upcycled materials as possible.

  • Historically and responding to customer requests, CPI has manufactured prepaid cards using recycled PVC.

  • Additionally, we’ve used a layered recycled paper construction with good durability, to which we added a high gloss UV coating for gift cards.

  • In our Minnesota facility, we have worked with our suppliers to return and reuse plastic spools as part of our collaboration to reuse as much of the raw materials packaging as possible.



Implement recycling programs across our facilities to eliminate or divert waste from entering landfills.

Our goal is to create new and innovative products and solutions that leverage recycled / upcycled materials as possible.

  • Some of CPI’s manufacturing operations recycle waste associated with the manufacturing of cards and packaging including scrap wood, cardboard, shrink wrap, paper, PVC/plastic, and foil.
  • Our corporate office uses 100% recycled paper, has implemented a recycling program, and prioritizes the use of recycled and compostable supplies.
  • Our facilities use recycled paper as requested by customers for packaging and central issuance fulfillment.
  • Our IT department properly recycles hardware through an electronics recycling program.

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