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Push Provisioning

Provision cards to a mobile wallet, adding contactless convenience to your digital strategy
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Meet consumer demand while delivering real-time experiences with Push Provisioning

Deliver payment cards directly into cardholders' mobile wallets

Push Provisioning is CPI’s integrated SaaS-based service that utilizes APIs with in app-provisioning technology to facilitate the provisioning of debit or credit card payment credentials to a cardholder’s digital wallet.  Extend your central and instant issuance strategy with a digital payment solution and give cardholders the options they want.

How it Works

A card request is processed and the financial institution sends an API request to CPI to initiate provisioning, which includes calling the association’s secure vault to generate a token. CPI’s digital engine facilitates the tokenization of the card, resulting in its being added to the cardholder’s digital wallet for immediate use.

Flexible Options. Convenient Solutions.

Now, financial institutions can facilitate the provisioning of debit or credit card payment credentials to a digital wallet and accommodate an ever-growing contactless world with physical card and digital solutions.

Push Provisioning works with:

Apple Pay®

Samsung Pay®

Google Pay™

Click to Pay

CPI Push Provisioning

Equip cardholders with a frictionless POS experience


Speed and Convenience

Push provisioning provides cardholders with touch-free contactless flexibility and secure mobile payments through their mobile device.

Purchasing Power

Respond to cardholder needs, when and how they want and give cardholders immediate purchasing power. Gain a competitive advantage for achieving top-of-wallet status.

Secure Transactions

Take advantage of in-app provisioning to expand cardholder payment options and accommodate an ever-growing contactless and mobile world.

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Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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