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CPI Prepaid packages

Prepaid Solutions

Retail Packaging, Gift and GPR

Add convenience and a strong connection to a favorite brand with the versatility of prepaid cards
CPI Prepaid Packages

Create the perfect prepaid solution for your customers

Offering a prepaid card can address customer preferences and deepen customer loyalty. Choose from a variety of prepaid manufacturing and fulfillment solutions that can adapt to different types of programs and are designed to grow with your business.


CPI is a trusted and major supplier in the U.S., conveniently providing versatile services and end-to-end solutions to meet your customers’ retail packaging, gift and GPR needs.

Choose from a variety of treatments, finishes and packaging options

When security is a concern or when attention-grabbing designs and target offers are the focus, CPI offers dazzling retail packaging options that meet the most stringent security requirements and create a must-have impulse buy at the check-out counter.

Prepaid solutions to match your program needs


Retail Prepaid Gift Cards

Retail gift cards are a great choice for purchases made on an open and closed-loop network. Benefit from CPI’s resources, network and expertise to deliver top-quality prepaid cards to market quickly.


GPR Prepaid

Widely accepted at merchants, open-loop general purpose reloadable (GPR) cards offer consumers convenience to pay for everyday goods and services and transact in much the same way as a debit card. Cards can be provided in a fixed amount range, and are ready to be loaded and activated.


RAN Prepaid cards

Restricted Authorized Network (RAN) prepaid cards can be designed for consumers who are uniquely tied to a subset of merchants and can only be redeemed at designated business locations.

Looking for something more personalized?

Enjoy the flexibility of an on-demand prepaid solution to support your customers’ everyday needs, while delivering customized messaging on cards, carriers, and collateral.


Embody your brand’s identity with vibrant colors and creative designs, while delivering targeted messaging on personalized cards, carriers, and collateral with CPI’s print-on-demand solution directly to individual recipients. With advancements in card treatments and a customizable print-on-demand solution, you can combine various program options and treatment capabilities to deliver a distinctive customer experience that meets your prepaid program needs..

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