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Encased Metal Cards

Heavier cards for distinguished customers

CPI offers two premium metal options for EMV® or dual interface contactless capable

Encased Tungsten and Encased Steel

A dynamic and brand-centric design, crafted specifically for the metal format, will beautifully complement the unique weight and feel of CPI’s heaviest cards. Complete your metal package with personalization, packaging and fulfillment to create a seamless metal solution to enhance your portfolio.

Encased Tungsten

20 Grams

The patented Encased Tungsten Card is a fusion of tungsten and PVC and offers substantial weight and rigidity. The 20-gram weight provides cardholders with a noticeable and luxurious product. Tungsten, one of the heavier metals that is non-radioactive, produces a card that has a prominent click when dropped on a hard-surface. The unique construction of metal enclosed within PVC provides flexibility in design and colored-edge options, plus symmetrical contactless payment functionality allows for contactless transmission with a point of sale (POS) terminal regardless of card orientation.

Encased Steel

10 Grams

The patented Steel Card is a fusion of metal and plastic, a lighter yet practical approach to metal cards for mass issuance strategies. The Encased Steel card provides a distinct feel to cardholders at approximately twice the weight of a standard PVC card at a fraction of the cost of a traditional metal card.  Showcase a high-detail card design utilizing full color, or silk screen finish. Encased steel allows issuers to offer a more accessible metal card, combining high design and the choice of EMV® contact or dual interface contactless payment technology.

High-quality, high-definition print technology

Take advantage of high-definition print technology in addition to other print techniques including,
custom EMV® chip, foil treatments, decorative magnetic stripe, post lamination, spot gloss and more.


Design to Dazzle

CPI design advisory services combines creativity with knowledge of production techniques and metal materials to make your card stand out. Our team works with you, your branding desires and ideas, and advises on approach, market trends, unique materials and visual effects. Creative concepts may range from idea and mood board generation to digital renderings to create the look and feel of your metal card.

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Rely on the Experts

As a single source expert in metal card design, printing, and manufacturing we offer a suite of quality metal payment products developed by our industry-leading research and development specialists. Combining high-definition printing techniques with impactful metal card execution, the integration of EMV technology all with payment brand certification provide you with a market leading product.

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