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Payment Cards

Contact and Contactless Card Manufacturing

Swipe, insert or tap – convenience comes in many options


Payments cards are our focus.​

Consultation to delivery – issuers are covered end-to-end

Choose from innovative materials and card manufacturing techniques that fit your individual portfolio and meet your customer’s needs.

 Certified by the major payment brands

 Compliant with EMVCo standards

 Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 certified

With more than 20 years of card manufacturing experience, CPI's team members are experts in supporting issuers.

We provide cards for many uses – access (physical and logical), security, point tracking, and more – with one or multiple applications. Our solutions include personalization and distribution, including bulk pre-personalization shipments. Take advantage of mass distribution by mail, get matching carrier and cards, pre-personalized or ship for personalization by an agency or bureau.

We’ll support you in defining the strategy that will drive your card program, including issuance, chip selection and profile, card design, key management, data preparation, programming, certification, employee training, and customer usage education plans. CPI® is a recognized leader in card production, offering a full suite of solutions and the expertise in plastics manufacturing, personalization and fulfillment to provide a completely customized card package.

Offering Choice, Convenience, and Control


Technology to tap or insert

Dual interface furnishes the flexibility of contact and contactless EMV® transactions, and is available for both credit and debit programs.

Quality at Our Core

All CPI cards are constructed with quality core materials like traditional PVC, encased metals, or eco-focused materials. Add a color core to your design to get an edge that stands out.


Add the wow factor

Treatments and embellishments like silkscreens and sparkle finishes can help your card stand out. Our designers can create a new design or work with your team to feature your brand in impactful and visually-stunning card programs.


Online Order Tracking

CPI customers have secure access to for cardstock orders, a streamlined digital approval process, and status tracking. Want a visual of your card design? 3-D video renders display your current art and allow for visualizing changes.

Combine a variety of choices in materials, specialty print capabilities and variety of custom finishes, screens and cores. Our customizable full-spectrum solutions can adapt to any program.

  EMV® contact and contactless (dual interface), and RFID

  Temporary and permanent cards

  Digital printing and on-demand solutions

  Quick-turn card stock only options


  PIN management

  Mail and fulfillment

It's easy to start the process

It’s easy to start the process — contact CPI, and we’ll assign a project manager to work directly with you to assess your needs and develop your secure payment program. From small to large organizations, no two card programs are the same, so we’ll take the time to customize a credit or debit card program that is specific to your need.


Our Awards

2022 Finalist

International Card Manufacturers Association
Rize Latitude (Metal card)

Best Feature Card

Wells Fargo Reflect

People’s Choice

2020 Winner

International Card Manufacturers Association
BMW Credit Card

Best Secure Payment Card

PSCU Corporate Card

Best Secure Metal Payment Card

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