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Filtering the Noise Around Sustainable Cards

The advantage of leading the market with new product innovation is the good fortune of influencing the field for a while. In the U.S., that happened in 2019 when CPI launched Second Wave®. These payment cards enabled CPI to lead the eco-focused card market in units shipped that year. Creating a use for recovered ocean-bound […]

Instant Issuance Offers A Competitive Edge While Elevating The Cardholder Experience

Card@Once Spectrum and Precision 2.0 Instant Issuance Cards

Help build value and trust with your cardholders through the convenience of in-branch instant issuance. In banking, experience is king. A recent McKinsey & Company study found a correlation between customer satisfaction and purchasing decisions—customers who are satisfied with their banking experiences say they will purchase more of that bank’s products. Moreover, satisfied customers are […]

Deliver Digital Prepaid Rebates, Incentives and Rewards

Click here to Download PDF Seamless solution for prepaid digital cards Deliver rebates, incentives, and rewards with a prepaid digital card, giving cardholders immediate spending power with online merchants through CPI’s Digital Card.  Download the infographic to learn more.

Drive Cardholder Loyalty with More Sustainable Options

The demand for more sustainable payment products is heating up. According to a November 2022 CPI survey conducted by an independent research firm*, 73% of debit and credit cardholders surveyed indicated that it is important that their financial institution is environmentally conscious. In addition, 89% of respondents expressed concern about plastic waste in landfills, and […]

Why Your Card Program Should Include a Digital Payment Solution

Click here to Download Infographic Digital payments are growing rapidly. What’s driving the growth? Innovation, simplicity, convenience, and security. Offering a modern physical card program that incorporates a complementary digital payment solution is vital to stay relevant in today’s competitive market and cater to all your cardholders’ needs. Learn more about Push Provisioning, CPI’s ® […]

How to Develop a Robust Card Program

Today’s payment card environment pulses with possibility. But with that potential comes a host of complexities and challenges for the cardholder experience, compliance, and security so offering the right mix of solutions is vital. From payment card industry (PCI) compliance requirements to EMV® certification, and digital provisioning, a single source provider helps manage it all. […]

5 Things to Consider When Evaluating a Card Solutions Provider

CPI Dual INterface Card

In today’s fast-paced, lean environment, having a single-source provider to oversee every detail of your portfolio just makes business sense. In selecting that relationship, card issuers should identify a supplier whose culture and values align with their own, and who has the expertise to guide the program on its journey from launch to ongoing execution. […]

The Ways We Pay, Day-to-Day

Click here to Download PDF We worked with an independent researcher to conduct an online survey of over 2000 credit and debit card users to find out how people pay everyday. Respondents said they are much more likely to choose a physical card to pay, even though they have their phones with them. For debit […]

Ways to Build and Elevate Your Card Program

Today’s payment card environment is undoubtedly complex and competitive, but it pulses with possibility. Identifying a card program’s competitive edge is key to maintaining top-of-wallet status and fulfilling cardholders’ expectations. Before we dive into ways that issuers can extend their brand and stand out among the competition, it is essential that issuers have built a […]