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eReport | Launching a Card Program | How to navigate the journey

Today’s payment card environment pulses with possibility. But with that potential comes a host of complexities.

Credit and debit cards create unique challenges for the cardholder experience and compliance and security, so offering the right mix of solutions is vital. The goal for issuers is to create a card program that contains the ideal combination of all these elements. At the end of the day, issuers should position themselves as the payment option of choice to keep their cards top-of-wallet for cardholders.

Having a one-stop shop across production and personalization can alleviate some of the burden of navigating today’s card considerations for the issuing organization. Much like a general contractor serves as the project manager for home building and remodeling, a multifaceted solutions provider oversees the management of the unique details needed to build a debit and credit card portfolio.

From payment card industry (PCI) compliance requirements to EMV ® certification and digital provisioning, a single-source provider helps manage
it all. This ensures the program is built from a solid foundation, leveling up to meet the financial institution’s needs—and those of its cardholders.

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