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Instant Issuance | Five Considerations for instant issuance deployment

Financial institutions are considering new services that add convenience and flexibility to the lives of customers visiting their branches. Given that the purpose of many of these visits is to open a new account or address a lost or stolen card, producing credit, debit and other payment cards from within a branch—a concept called instant issuance—can make these moments easier and more satisfying.

Careful investigation of hardware and software investments is necessary to deploy instant issuance solutions. One major decision is the deployment method—whether to build an instant issuance solution in-house or select a solution delivered as a service managed by a third party (via Software as a Service or SaaS).

There are numerous considerations when choosing to deploy instant issuance, all of which may affect the cost:

  • The HSM
  • Graphics
  • IT support
  • Network security
  • PCI certifications