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The Ways We Pay, Day-to-Day

We worked with an independent researcher to conduct an online survey* of over 2000 credit and debit card
users to find out how people pay everyday.
Respondents said they are much more likely to choose a physical
card to pay, even though they have their phones with them. For
debit or credit card users, 9 of 10 agreed that “they were more likely
to use a physical card than a smartphone/smartwatch to make
purchases”. Nearly 85% agreed that “Using a credit or debit card is
faster/easier than using a smartphone to make purchases”.

eReport | Launching a Card Program | How to navigate the journey

Click here to Download PDF Today’s payment card environment pulses with possibility. But with that potential comes a host of complexities. Credit and debit cards create unique challenges for the cardholder experience and compliance and security, so offering the right mix of solutions is vital. The goal for issuers is to create a card program […]

Aite | Transitioning to a More Environmentally Friendly Card | Issuers Will Lead the Change

Click here to Download PDF Commissioned by CPI Card Group and produced by Aite Group, this paper discusses the impact of plastics on the environment, cardholder and issuer trends toward environmental sustainability, and earth-friendly card materials. Overall, North American issuers are broadly interested in the use of these card materials, such as recycled polyvinyl chloride […]

Instant Issuance | Connect your cardholders with instant purchasing power.

Click here to Download PDF Easy solution. Exceptional service. Card@Once makes it easy and affordable to issue high-quality credit and debit cards in branch. Financial Institutions benefit from this cloud-based solution with quick implementation and without having to worry about extra staff or resources.

Instant Issuance | Five Considerations for instant issuance deployment

Click here to Download PDF Financial institutions are considering new services that add convenience and flexibility to the lives of customers visiting their branches. Given that the purpose of many of these visits is to open a new account or address a lost or stolen card, producing credit, debit and other payment cards from within […]

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